Soulcalibur II ~ Talim

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Link + Master Sword Scenes

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Guru Chat Special Event Thing: Mario Kart 8 Tournament






'Hoy there, Hylians! 

So this has been in the planning stage for a little while now just between us lunch table kids and we’re finally putting it into action. So this weekend we’ll be having a special GuruChat Racing Party that is pretty much open to anyone that wants to join. We’ll be inside the tinychat sassing about during the races so anyone who doesn’t wish to compete but would still like to come socialize with a bunch of drunk nerds YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME TO.


*Password will be in affect to help keep spammers away

Password: gurucup

Hey yo, you’re cordially invited to the thing:

Guru Cup Racing Party 

July 25th @ 10:30pm CST - July 27th @ 3:00am CST

Tournament Code: 6485-1862-3694

If you don’t know how to access the race, select one of the Online options from the Main Menu and choose ‘Tournaments.’ You’ll find ‘Search by Code’ as the second option listed on the Menu screen so you can type the code in and join the races.

 imageSee you there!

Time zone converter for you lazy nerds

this is now

My friend’s mom made me a margarita and wow is it strong. Yay not all hope is lost haha

Everyone is going out bar hopping and I’ve got to stay behind to watch Lilly, so that’s fun.

Time to boot up my computer and write a little and watch cartoons till Lilly goes to sleep.


Link + Zora Armor

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